Committees & Task Forces

Volunteers are the driving force behind the ACP. Because of the contributions of volunteers’ time, talent, and expertise, the ACP is able to provide the essential information and tools, vibrant community, and exceptional experiences that members value so highly.

Consideration for committee and task force appointments typically begins in August for work during the following year. If you are interested in serving, complete the Call for Volunteers Form and return to the Central Office by fax to (312) 573-1257 or email. 

Predoctoral Education Committee

Provide support for Predoctoral prosthodontic education; manage the Predoctoral educators seminars that are focused on issues related to Predoctoral prosthodontic education and proactively monitor directions related to the CODA standards on dental education.

Postdoctoral Education Committee

Manage the postdoctoral educators' seminars that are focused on issues related to postdoctoral prosthodontic education and program directors of advanced education programs in Prosthodontics, work proactively on future directions related to the CODA specialty standards and oversees the work of the National Prosthodontic Resident Exam and Board Preparation activities.

Board Preparation Course Subcommittee

Prepare the Board Prep Course materials/workbook.

Board Preparation Study Guide Subcommittee

Continue to update and optimize Board Prep Study Guide App.

National Prosthodontic Resident Examination Subcommittee

Create and disseminate the annual ACP Exam to all postgraduate prosthodontic programs.

Match Task Force

Oversee the administration of the Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program participation and create educational information for prospective residents and program directors.

Science and New Technology Committee

Monitor developing scientific advances of interest to the specialty and recognizes evolving technologies of significance. Provide reports on scientific advances of interest to the specialty for potential publication. Provide articles for publication in the ACP Messenger as determined by the Editorial Board

Research Committee

Stimulate, promote, and evaluate prosthodontic research and determine areas where more research is needed. Administer and manage the John J. Sharry Competition and ACPEF Research Grant Awards.

Task Force on Developing New Advanced Prosthodontic Programs

Respond to requests for assistance in developing new prosthodontic residency programs. Manage and update resources for distribution.

Scope of Practice Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to receive information about interdisciplinary prosthodontic care delivery by all dentists; clinical practices, technologies, and emerging trends.

Parameters of Care Task Force

Update and revise the Parameters of Care to reflect the current scope of practices of the specialty.

Private Practice Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to develop ACP saleable products and services to support private practice Prosthodontics. Review practice-related content on the ACP websites.

Task Force on Insurance & Diagnostic Codes

Track developments related to dental reimbursement programs, including fee for service and managed care plans. Investigate insurance code inconsistencies across dental specialties.

Digital Dentistry Glossary Publication Development Tsk Force

Provide support for any issues or actions related to the Digital Dentistry Glossary.

Membership and Credentials Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to validate credentials of membership applicants that cannot be verified by the staff of the membership department, make recommendations to the BOD regarding action to be taken on applications that have been reviewed by the committee.

Residents and Fellows Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to develop a network and resources for residents to communicate to the BOD the concerns of Residents of Advanced Education Programs in Prosthodontics and recruitment of predoctoral candidates into prosthodontic residency programs.

New Prosthodontist Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to provide opportunities within the College that engage new members; develop a peer network and resources for recent graduates to support their transition to practice and affirm ACP membership loyalty; present the concerns of recent graduates to the BOD.

Dental Technician Alliance Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to review concerns and establish desirable liaison between dental laboratory technicians and the BOD. Create dental technology resources for ACP website and Prosthopedia.

Public Relations Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to prepare suitable means and materials for developing increased public and professional awareness of the specialty of prosthodontics.

Membership Communications Committee

Review and update ACP website content.

National Prosthodontics Awareness Week Task Force

Develop and implement plans to celebrate annual National Prosthodontics Awareness Week.

Annual Session Committee

It shall be the duty of the committee to develop, organize, promote, conduct, and evaluate the Annual Session.

Poster Session Subcommittee

Oversee the yearly Poster Session Competition held at the Annual Session.

Continuing Education Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to develop, organize, promote, conduct and evaluate educational programs designated to support the discipline and specialty of Prosthodontics and to attract diverse target audiences.

Prosthopedia Editorial Advisory Board

OVersee incoming content and engage members to become contributors to increase submissions to the site.

Digital Dentistry Curriculum Development Team

As part of the ACP's strategic focus on digital dentistry, the Curriculum Development Team was charged in the winter of 2015 with developing pre- and post-doctoral curriculum on digital dentistry to be piloted in a small number of institutions in the fall of 2017 and then open to all dental programs for fall 2018.

Executive Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to act as the ad interim committee of the Board of Directors (BOD); to transact all business of the BOD between BOD meetings; to oversee the alignment of programs and activities with the overall mission and goals of the College; to periodically review the performance of the BOD; and to oversee the annual evaluation of the performance of the Executive Director in consultation with the BOD.

Finance and Audit Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to assist the BOD in fulfilling its financial oversight responsibilities.

Nominating Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to annually select and forward nominees to the BOD for all officials elected by eligible voting members, including representatives to the Council for the American Board of Prosthodontics and awards of distinction. The Nominating Committee shall also select and forward three (3) nominees to the BOD for Prosthodontic consultants for the ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation. In addition, for each vacancy on the Council for the American Board of Prosthodontics, the Nominating Committee shall nominate not more than three (3) candidates for the ACP President to select from to fill the vacancy

Leadership and Development Committee

Review nominations and select ACP Resident Leadership Awardees (1 per region), forward to Nominating Committee for approval; propose ACP Board Guests (one Resident and one New prosthodontist).

Judicial Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to continually review the Bylaws of the College, and make such suggestions for amendment as are necessary to increase the efficiency of the College. The Committee shall consider all proposed amendments to the Bylaws and Policies and shall submit them with recommendations to the BOD.

Governance Review Task Force

The Task Force will work with a third party consultant to review the College's governing documents, practices, and procedures for the Governance Review.

Professional & Corporate Relations Committee

It shall be the duty of this committee to maintain liaison and active communications with corporations, professional organizations, including dental and healthcare organizations, foundations, research centers, educational and governmental leaders in all sectors including international entities; promote and foster the development of collaborations that will support the goals and mission of the College.

ACP Position Statements Task Force

It shall be the duty of this Task Force to solicit and produce official ACP Position Statements for consideration by the BOD.