Committees & Task Forces

Volunteers are the driving force behind the ACP. Because of the contributions of volunteers’ time, talent, and expertise, the ACP is able to provide the essential information and tools, vibrant community, and exceptional experiences that members value so highly.

Consideration for committee and task force appointments typically begins in August for work during the following year. For more information, contact the ACP Central Office.

Predoctoral Educators Committee

Nominating Committee

National Prosthodontics Awareness Week Task Force

Executive Committee

National Prosthodontic Resident Examination Subcommittee

Annual Session Committee

American Board of Prosthodontics Examiners

ACPEF Development Committee

Prosthopedia Editorial Advisory Board

Residents and Fellows Committee

Prosthodontic Practice Network (PROSNet)

ACP Council for the ABP

Membership Communications Committee

Postdoctoral Education Committee

Membership & Credentials

Research Committee

Public Relations Committee

Continuing Education Committee

Private Practice Committee

Finance and Audit Committee

ACPEF Board of Directors

Task Force on Insurance & Diagnostic Codes

Task Force on Developing New Advanced Prosthodontic Programs

Judicial Committee

ACP Board of Directors

Dental Technician Alliance Committee

New Prosthodontist Committee

Board Preparation Study Guide Subcommittee

Board Preparation Course Subcommittee

Science and New Technology Committee

Poster Session Subcommittee