Parameters of Care

Parameters of Care

The Parameters of Care are intended to help clinicians in providing the highest-quality level of clinical care, establish a consensus of professional opinion, and serve to constantly enhance clinical performance. In addition, parameters of care may be of help in risk management, education and testing, and third-party relations–appropriateness of care.

This document provides a framework for quality assessment in prosthodontic specialty training programs. Thus, parameters of care are developed to improve patient care by providing clinicians first with a foundation and then with a broad framework or environment in which they can operate with predictable and favorable treatment outcomes.

Prosthodontic Diagnostic Index

A critical aspect of defining the scope of practice for a prosthodontic specialist is the ability to differentiate, on a diagnostic level, those patients and/or procedures that require additional skills and training. The Prosthodontic Diagnostic Index is a tool that every clinician can use to communicate to colleagues and patients the challenges each patient presents with his or her unique dental condition.

The PDI enables prosthodontists to clearly describe which patients would benefit from a specialist's care. Equally important to the general practitioner, the PDI allows those with advanced clinical skills to diagnose and treat patients with more challenging dental conditions utilizing known diagnostic criteria to guide their care.

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