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50 for 50 Appeal

The 50 for 50 Appeal is celebrating the ACP’s 50th Anniversary and the common pursuit between the College and Foundation of supporting and encouraging research, education, and the clinical practice of prosthodontics.

The ACPEF is deeply grateful to those who have provided generous support. For questions about donor recognition, please call (312) 573-1260 or email acpef@prosthodontics.org.


You can also mail a check to: ACP Education Foundation, Department 978746, P.O. Box 8746, Carol Stream, IL 60197-8746. 

Funding to the Annual Appeal is spent by the ACPEF Board of Directors to advance the specialty. To ensure that donors have full confidence in the Foundation, the ACPEF supports the Donor Bill of Rights.

50 for 50 Appeal Committee


Nord_Appeal Dr. Gary A. Nord
Nouh_Appeal Dr. Hesham M. Nouh

Committee Members

Bendayan_Alexander Dr. Alexander Bendayan
Dr._Jonathan_Esquivel Dr. Jonathan Esquivel
El_Kerdani_AA20 Dr. Tarek El Kerdani
Dr._Shirin_Khoynezhad Dr. Shirin Khoynezhad
Kong,_Celeste Dr. Celeste Kong


Kutkut_AA20 Dr. Ahmad Kutkut
Dr._Brandon_Stapleton Dr. Brandon Stapleton
thumbnail_LTovarSuinaga Dr. Loana Tovar Suinaga
Won,_John_2013 Dr. John B. Won


Thank you to all of the 50 for 50 Appeal donors.


If you're looking for information regarding planned giving, please learn more here