Board Certification


In general, board certification means that a specialist has successfully passed an examination established by an independent authority (board) for the specialty. A Board Certified Prosthodontist has passed a rigorous four-part examination conducted by the American Board of Prosthodontics (ABP). He or she is subject to re-certification every eight years to ensure that he or she is current in practices that affect the specialty.


The ABP maintains a Frequently Asked Questions page. Exams are held twice a year, in February and in the fall (alongside the ACP Annual Session), not including the written Section A exams, which are held at an alternate date.

To help members prepare, the ACP offers the following events and resources:

  • Board Study Guide App for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android tablets and smartphones, as well as Mac (OS X/macOS) desktop and laptop computers; updated annually
  • Board Preparation Course at the ACP Annual Session
  • Prosthodontic Review Course held annually in the fall
  • Valuable books including Journal of Prosthodontics hardcover collections on Dental Implants, Complex Restorations, and Complete and Removable DenturesClassic Prosthodontic Articles vols. 1-3; Fundamentals of Occlusion; Fundamentals of CAD/CAM Dentistry; and more


Prosthodontists choose to seek board certification at many different stages of their careers. Some begin the process during their prosthodontic residencies, while others take the exam after many years of experience in academia or private practice.

"Becoming a prosthodontist has been one of the best decisions and accomplishments in my life, but challenging the board and and being granted diplomate status has been the greatest professional achievement in my career. Challenging the American Board and completing it successfully carries with me in day to day practice as I serve my patients knowing the care I provide is the the best care possible."

-- Hamilton Le, DMD, BA, FACP

"Successfully challenging the American Board of Prosthodontics was a personal goal I set for myself as a young prosthodontist. One of the major reasons I wanted to become a prosthodontist was to achieve the highest level of excellence. Becoming board certified was the perfect culmination of my efforts as a resident and now a private practitioner. It has enabled me to distinguish myself amongst my peers. Being a board certified prosthodontist has opened many doors that would not have been available to me otherwise. I truly encourage all prosthodontists to pursue board certification."

-- William Zapata, DDS, MS, FACP

"Challenging the American Board of Prosthodontics was truly a life changing experience for me.  Preparing for board examination consolidated my entire educational experience with my (at that time) over thirty years of practice experience. The other prosthodontists that I came to know through this shared process have become some of my closest friends. As my friend Steve Wagner said, "It has made me a better dentist." This new credential has had the added benefit of expanding my referral base as it is widely acknowledged by the dental profession as the pinnacle of all certifications."

-- Joseph Breitman, DMD, MS, FACP

"Do it for your patients. They deserve your consistent best effort and understanding that the board process draws out of you."

-- Rodney Andrus, DDS, MS, FACP

"Challenging the Board examination after over twenty-five years in private practice was meaningful to me because it was a validation of my commitment to excellence in prosthodontics. Preparing for and passing the Board was a reaffirmation of my passion for our specialty."

-- Elaine Torres-Melendez, DMD, FACP


The ACP's Find a Colleague search (for professionals) and Find a Prosthodontist search (for consumers) include board certification status for each member.

The ABP maintains its own Locate a Board Certified Prosthodontist search as well.