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Drive for a Million

About the Drive for a Million

ACPEF_DriveforaMillion_Case_CoverThe ACPEF is conducting the Drive for a Million, a member pledge drive to fund and sustain the core programs that support residents, research, and clinicians.

Since its founding in 1986, the Foundation has secured and stewarded resources into the areas of research and education – all towards the goal of advancing the specialty to the forefront of restorative patient care.

Support from ACP members enables the Foundation to fund its cornerstone programs each year, preparing prosthodontic leaders of the future to address the issues of oral health head-on. In order to ensure these programs continue for years to come, the ACPEF has launched a member pledge drive.

Review the case for support to learn more about this important initiative, and then please consider making a pledge of up to five years.

The ACPEF’s commitment to the next generation’s growth has had an enormous impact on developing the workforce to address the silent epidemic of the general population suffering from oral issues. The Drive for a Million will ensure that the Foundation’s cornerstone programs can be protected for the next five years and enable the Foundation to explore ways to build on its success.

Join us as together we build on the successes of the past, create a bright future for the next generation, and secure the prosthodontic specialty for years to come.


Thank you to the many individual donors supporting the Drive for a Million.  

Brackett_drive "I am honored to be part of the leadership for the ACPEF Drive for a Million pledge effort and have already pledged my personal support. Over the last 35 years as a member of the ACP, I have watched our specialty, our organization and the composition of our membership evolve and change. I am excited about the future of our specialty. The dedicated efforts of my friends and colleagues over the past decades have positioned the ACP and ACPEF to continue to lead our specialty.

"With the aid of our current and future leaders, the partnership of the ACP and its Foundation will advance the strategic vision of our organization and the specialty of prosthodontics."

-- Dr. Susan E. Brackett, Honorary Chair


Rawal_drive"I am deeply grateful for all that our pioneers have done to bring our specialty to the position of prominence it holds today. It is now time for my fellow colleagues to take up the torch and steward the ACP and ACPEF in the years to come.

"Having personally benefitted from the ACP and ACPEF throughout my career, I am excited that the Drive for a Million will provide sustainable funding for our legacy programs of supporting residents and encouraging research and new initiatives for all practicing clinicians. I’m extremely proud to be part of prosthodontics’ future."

-- Dr. Sundeep Rawal, Chair


Hudis_drive"One of the Strategic Priorities included in the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan is to "Maintain Organizational Sustainability and Viability." The mission of the ACP Education Foundation "is to secure and steward resources with the aim of advancing prosthodontics. As a catalytic agent for prosthodontics, the ACPEF provides funding to support education, research and other opportunities for growth." The goal of the Drive for a Million is to provide that sustainability.

"As we progress to the establishment of a $10 million endowment we will be creating a legacy for future generations of prosthodontists. I am proud to have supported each and every capital campaign and I am thrilled to support the Drive for a Million."

-- Dr. Stephen Hudis, 2020 ACP President


Patel_drive"When I was in dental school, through funds provided by the ACPEF, I was able to go to the ACP Annual Session. Attending left a profound impact on me and I decided I wanted to be a prosthodontist.

This life-changing moment was only possible thanks to some ACP members' generous contribution to the ACPEF. So now I give for the next generation."

-- Dr. Bhavin Patel


Siegel_drive"I am so excited and honored to be able to serve on the National Steering Committee for the ACPEF Drive for a Million. I feel strongly about participating in all activities sponsored by the American College of Prosthodontists that move the specialty of Prosthodontics forward.

"The ACPEF and its initiative Drive for a Million is one of those important supporting components of ACP that will lift and position our specialty where it should be. It is important to me that our Prosthodontic residents, Prosthodontic research, and Prosthodontic private practices move forward and reap tremendous benefits from this ACPEF Drive for a Million."

-- Dr. Sharon Siegel


The Drive for a Million Committee

Thank you to the following committee members for leading the Drive for a Million:

National Steering Committee

Rawal_drive Dr. Sundeep R. Rawal
Brackett_drive Dr. Susan E. Brackett
Honorary Chair
Siegel_drive Dr. Sharon Siegel
Tuminelli_drive Dr. Frank J. Tuminelli
Taylor_drive Dr. Thomas D. Taylor
DiFazio_drive Dr. Joseph DiFazio

Committee Members

Agar_drive Dr. John R. Agar
Balderamos_drive Dr. Paul Balderamos
Bouma_drive Dr. Lars Bouma
Davila_drive Dr. Laura J. Davila
Dhingra_Drive Dr. Ajay Dhingra
Dufault_drive Dr. Breanne C. Dufault
BGoodacre_drive Dr. Brian J. Goodacre
Gragg_drive Dr. Anthony P. Gragg
Guichet_drive Dr. David L. Guichet
Jahangiri_drive Dr. Leila Jahangiri
Kelly,_Terry_drive Dr. Terry Kelly
Lang_drive Dr. Lisa A. Lang
Lee_Sarah_drive Dr. Sarah K.Y. Lee
Manalili_drive Dr. Taylor Manalili
Patel_drive Dr. Bhavin C. Patel
Pesun_drive Dr. Igor J. Pesun
BScruggs_drive Dr. William Scruggs
Slauch_drive Dr. Robert W. Slauch
RWright_drive Dr. Roberta Wright