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Individual Supporters

Thank you to the many individuals recognized below who have contributed to the 2020 Annual Appeal! In addition, we thank the many supporters of our Drive for a Million, a pledge drive to raise 5-year commitments from 2019 to 2023. Learn more and see a list of supporters by clicking here


Nord_Appeal Dr. Gary A. Nord
Nouh_Appeal Dr. Hesham M. Nouh


Dr. Luis A. Alicea
Dr. Matthew R. Anderson
Dr. Mohammed A. Bahanshal
Dr. G. Mitchell Baldree
Dr. Curtis L. Barmby
Dr. Randold A. Binns
Dr. Keith A. Boenning
Dr. Christopher D. Burns
Dr. Steven M. Butensky
Dr. Ramakiran V. Chavali
Dr. Paul J. Connolly
Dr. Gary S. Crystal
Dr. David R. Cusanello
Dr. Laura J. Davila
Dr. David P. Donatelli
Dr. Herman A. Donatelli
Dr. Michael L. Drone
Dr. David W. Farley
Dr. Louisa I. Gallegos
Dr. Antoanela Garbacea
Dr. Violet I. Haraszthy
Dr. Wei-Hung He
Dr. C. Tim Hung
Dr. Zev Kaufman
Dr. Reza Khazaie
Dr. Harold Kolodney, Jr.
Dr. Paul S. Kudyba, Jr.
Dr. Judd G. Langley
Dr. Frank R. Lauciello
Dr. Thomas K. Lee
Dr. Kenneth A. Malament

Dr. Chhy Mao
Dr. Thamer Yousif Marghalani
Dr. Gerald M. Marlin
Dr. Edmundo I. Martinez
Dr. Rajendar Matta
Dr. Gary A. Morris
Dr. Frank A. Musciano
Dr. John-Hung T.V. Nguyen
Dr. Jack Piermatti
Dr. David F. Pierson
Dr. Shawn P. Platt
Dr. Sundeep R. Rawal
Dr. Johanna P. Romo
Dr. Boris Y. Schwartzman
Dr. Judith M. Strutz
Dr. Dmitri Svirsky
Dr. Brian R. Turnquist
Dr. Stephen A. Wagner
Dr. Ryan C. Wallace
Dr. Benjamin O. Watkins
Dr. Kenneth M. Yates
Dr. Sung-Wook Yoon
Dr. Candice B. Zemnick



Dr. Hassan M. H. Abed
Dr. Hannah E. Colburn
Dr. William E. Dinse
Dr. Donna Gentile
Dr. Donna Gentile
Dr. Thomas W. Hummert
Dr. Lauren Jain
Dr. Russell I. Johnson

Dr. Esther O. Kuyinu
Dr. Qiuyi Liang
Dr. Mauricio Sergio Moeller
Dr. Kelly A. Shimada
Dr. Steven D. Spitz
Dr. Rajesh S. Swamidass
Dr. Konstantinos Vazouras
Dr. Cramin P. Wiltz, II
Dr. Hoda Yousef

Listings current as of July 31, 2020