Education Foundation

Individual Supporters

In 2019, the Foundation is conducting a multi-year pledge effort, the Drive for a Million, and is currently in the Major Phase recognizing commitments at $1,000 per year and higher. For more information, please reach out to acpef@prosthodontics.org.

Thank you to the following individuals for their generous support of the ACPEF!


Dr. Susan E. Brackett
Dr. Stephen I. Hudis
Dr. Bhavin C. Patel

Dr. Sundeep R. Rawal
Dr. Sharon and Dr. Michael Siegel


Dr. John and Peggy Agar
Dr. Leo Paul Balderamos
Dr. Bobby Hardeep S. Birdi
Dr. Joseph DiFazio

Dr. Mark C. Hutten
Dr. Lisa A. Lang
Dr. Paivi A. Samant
Dr. Lisa S. Strauch


Dr. Lars and Vicki Bouma
Dr. Karen J. Bruggers
Dr. David L. Guichet
Dr. Sajid A. Jivraj
Dr. Leonard B. Kobren

Dr. Raj M. Rawal
Dr. Paul E. Scruggs
Dr. Thomas and Margaret Taylor
Dr. Frank J. Tuminelli and Dr. Elphida G. Ayvazian
Dr. Stephen A. Wagner


Dr. Joseph Breitman
Dr. Marion S. Brown
Dr. Laura J. Davila
Dr. Thomas B. Girvan
Dr. Caroline A. Grasso
Dr. Leila Jahangiri

Dr. Fonda G. Robinson
Dr. C. Scott Schmitt
Dr. Robert E. Stover
Dr. Alvin G. Wee
Dr. Jonathan Zamzok


Listings current as of May 30, 2019