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Individual Supporters

Thank you to the many individuals and State Sections recognized below who have contributed to the 2022 Annual Appeal! In addition, we thank the many supporters of the Drive for a Million, a pledge drive that raised 5-year commitments from 2019 to 2023. Learn more and see a list of Drive supporters by clicking here.

"I wouldn't be teaching if I hadn't had that education, and I wouldn't have had the education if it weren't for the ACP. I only gave back because people before me gave back. I want that cycle to continue--I give back so it will continue."  --Dr. Hesham Nouh

Diamond $2,000+

Dr. Jonathan X. Esquivel
Dr. Kenneth V. Gerace


Dr. Scott and Lori Keith in Honor of Dr. Ronald Woody
Dr. Walter J. Leckowicz, Jr.
Dr. Cramin P. Wiltz, II


Platinum $1000+

Mr. Brian S. Allen
Dr. Shayla M. Dang
Dr. Charles F. Grannum
Dr. Stephen I. Hudis
Dr. Gustavo A. Leal

Dr. Gary A. Nord
Dr. Nupur Patel
Dr. Barbara Shearer
Dr. Amerian D. Sones
Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez
In Memory of Dr. Bentley A.H. Merrick


Gold $500+

Dr. Emily R. Batson
Dr. Konstantinos Chochlidakis
Dr. Daniel H. Chong
Dr. Bart M. Cragen
Dr. Carl F. Driscoll
Dr. Luis E. Infante Gonzalez
Paul S Kudyba, Jr. DDS
Dr. Frank Lauciello
Dr. Francesco P. Maratta
Dr. Faye Mascarenhas


Dr. Karen S. McAndrew
Dr. John A. Murrell
Dr. David F. Paladines-Gaibor
Dr. William A. Randi
Dr. Roger A. Vitter
Dr. Andrew S. Wiemeyer
Dr. Pandora K. Wojnarwsky
Dr. Wen Chou Wu
Dr. Michael Zamikhovsky
Dr. Hai Zhang in Honor of Dr. James Brudvik and Dr. John Townsend


Silver $250+

Dr. Reem Abi Hussein
Dr. Paul Albora
Dr. Luis A. Alicea
Dr. Touradj M. Ameli
Dr. Nicole I. Andreini
Dr. Konstantina Angelara
Dr. Mohammed A. Bahanshal
Dr. John D. Ball
Mr. Stephen F. Balshi, II
Dr. Donald M. Belles
Dr. Janine J. Bethea
Dr. Ioana Bettios
Dr. Avinash S. Bidra
Dr. Andrew J. Bock
Dr. Keith A. Boenning
Dr. Chad M. Boustany
Dr. Frank J. Brajevic
Dr. David P. Brock
Dr. LaDerrick Bullock
Dr. Shane S. Byun
Dr. David D. Carrier
Dr. Henry H. Chen
Dr. Marta C. Coronado-O'Boyle
Dr. Darin M. Dichter
Dr. Timothy M. Dowd
Dr. Tamer A. El-Gendy
Dr. Michelle L. Fackler
Dr. W. Day Gates, III
Dr. Heather Lynn Giannotta
Dr. Graziano D. Giglio
Dr. Thomas S. Giugliano
Dr. Maria D. Gonzalez
Dr. Violet I. Haraszthy
Dr. Aaron B. Harding
Dr. Thomas W. Hummert
Dr. C. Tim Hung


Dr. John E. Hutton
Dr. Lauren Jain
Dr. Brandon Allen James
Dr. Sharon X. Jin
Dr. Cindy T. Jones Hebert
Dr. William G. Kaylakie
Dr. Dana M. Keblawi
Dr. Hyeongil Kim
Dr. Jae Seon Kim
Dr. Alejandro Kovacs
Dr. Joseph M. Mahon
Dr. Thamer Yousif Marghalani
Dr. Vincent J. Mariano, Jr.
Dr. Kurt T. Metzler
Dr. Frank A. Musciano
Dr. Hesham M. Nouh
Dr. Sergio M. Ortegon
Dr. John Paul Osterman
Dr. Alfredo R. Paredes
Dr. John J. Petrini, Jr.
Dr. Amit Punj
Dr. Ariel J. Raigrodski
Dr. Manuel J. Reyes
Dr. Avishai Sadan
Dr. Peter G. Savramis
Dr. Terrance L. Smith
Dr. Robert B. Stewart
Dr. Burak Taskonak
Dr. Foteini Touloumi
Dr. Loana M. Tovar Suinaga
Dr. Jonathan O. Twomey
Dr. Stephen A. Wagner
Dr. Jeffrey Willis
Dr. George F. Wong
Dr. Shuichi Yamaguchi
Dr. Hoda Yousef

Bronze $100+

Dr. Lisa R. Burkett
Dr. Hannah E. Colburn
Dr. C. Edgar Davila
Dr. Bryce C. Dorrough
Dr. Randall C. Duncan
Dr. Kaz Fotoohi
Dr. Thomas R. Giblin
Dr. Juanli Guo
Dr. Eliot M. Heisler
Dr. Sarit Kaplan
Dr. Arlene R. Kubit
Dr. Esther O. Kuyinu
Dr. Damian J. Lee
Dr. James C. Lish
Dr. Maria A. Loza-Herrero
Dr. Niki Maghami


Dr. Ryan A. Matthews
Dr. Marjan Moghadam
Dr. Cindy B. Nichols
Dr. Jack Piermatti
Dr. Thomas J. Salinas
Dr. Aaron G. Segal
Dr. Sharon C. Siegel
Dr. James F. Skiba
Dr. Ronald M. Sloan
Dr. Sheldon B. Small
Dr. Howard M. Steinberg
Alla Steinberg
Dr. Garima K. Talwar
Dr. Sung-Wook Yoon
In Loving Memory of Nathalie Williams



Friend <$100

Dr. Richard S. Appleton
Dr. William E. Dinse
Ms. Andrea L. Hegedus
Dr. Carlos A. Jurado


Dr. Lillian M. Mitchell
Dr. Ahmad A. Qazali
Dr. Ben B. Ross
Dr. Steven J. Rothenberg

State Sections