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Individual Supporters

Thank you to the many individuals recognized below who have contributed to the 2023 Annual Appeal! In addition, we thank the many supporters of the Drive for a Million, a pledge drive that raised 5-year commitments from 2019 to 2023. Learn more and see a list of Drive supporters by clicking here.

"I wouldn't be teaching if I hadn't had that education, and I wouldn't have had the education if it weren't for the ACP. I only gave back because people before me gave back. I want that cycle to continue--I give back so it will continue."  --Dr. Hesham Nouh

Diamond $2,000+

Dr. John and Mrs. Agar
Dr. Joseph J. Milavec
Dr. Cramin P. Wiltz, II

Platinum $1000+

Dr. Gordon J. Christensen
Dr. Shayla M. Dang
Dr. Stephen I. Hudis
Dr. Bruce M. Nghiem


Dr. Gary A. Nord
Dr. Amerian D. Sones
Dr. Diane C. Tarica
Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez

Gold $500+

Dr. Eva Boldridge
Dr. Alexander S. Drew
Carl Driscoll
Dr. C. Tim Hung
Dr. Sebu E. Idiculla
Dr. Terry J. Lindquist


Dr. Karen S. McAndrew
William Randi DDS
Dr. Garima K. Talwar
Dr. Wen Chou Wu
Dr. Michael Zamikhovskyy

Silver $250+

Dr. Esam Abou Nahlah
Dr. Shelby A. Alexander
Dr. Lara G. Bakaeen
Dr. John D. Ball
Dr. Avinash S. Bidra
Dr. Monica J. Cayouette
Dr. Carolina Cespedes Manguart
Dr. Ramakiran V. Chavali
Dr. Chady A. Elhage
Dr. Heather Lynn Giannotta
Dr. Thomas S. Giugliano
Dr. Maria D. Gonzalez
Dr. Anthony P. Gragg
Dr. Ingrid Carolina Herrera
Dr. Hiroshi Hirayama
Dr. Michael B. Karczewski
Dr. Francis L. Keeling
Dr. Joanna Kempler
Dr. Jiyeon J. Kim


Dr. Chun-Nan Lin
Dr. Maria A. Loza-Herrero
Dr. Vincent J. Mariano, Jr.
Dr. Amy G. Mason
Dr. Marjan Moghadam
Dr. Vrinda V. Mohunta
Dr. Frank A. Musciano
Dr. Craig M. Neitzke
Dr. Hesham M. Nouh
Dr. Anthony M. Pagano
Dr. David F. Paladines-Gaibor
Dr. Chin Chun Peng
Dr. Luiz A. Pimenta
Dr. Cory B. Sellers
Dr. Jay S. Smith
Dr. Roger A. Vitter
Dr. Gary S. Wetreich
Dr. Yusyuan Wu
Mr. Alexander C. W√ľnsche

Bronze $100+

Dr. David P. Donatelli
Dr. Rand F. Harlow
Dr. Francesco P. Maratta
Dr. Grethel Millington


Dr. Kamolphob Phasuk
Dr. Ariel J. Raigrodski
Dr. Seung Jun Song
Dr. Nassif Youssef

Friend <$100

Dr. Kelvin Afrashtehfar
Dr. Diego M. Ardenghi
Dr. Shane S. Byun
Dr. Anthony Farmer
Dr. Alfredo I. Hernandez


Dr. Curtis E. Jansen
Dr. Gabrielle K. Jung
Dr. Donald M. Missirlian
Dr. Steven J. Rothenberg
Dr. Kirstin A. Wolfe