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Individual Supporters

Thank you to the many individuals, State Sections, and labs recognized below who have contributed to the 2021 Annual Appeal! In addition, we thank the many supporters of the Drive for a Million, a pledge drive that raised 5-year commitments from 2019 to 2023. Learn more and see a list of Drive supporters by clicking here.

Diamond $2,000+

Nord_Appeal Dr. Gary A. Nord
Nouh_Appeal Dr. Hesham M. Nouh

"I wouldn't be teaching if I hadn't had that education, and I wouldn't have had the education if it weren't for the ACP. I only gave back because people before me gave back. I want that cycle to continue--I give back so it will continue."  --Dr. Hesham Nouh

Platinum $1000+

Dr. Alexander S. Drew
Dr. Jonathan X. Esquivel
Dr. Kenneth V. Gerace
Dr. Miyoung M. Kim
Dr. Faye Mascarenhas

Dr. Fernando Harp Ruiz
Dr. Barbara Shearer
Dr. Mark Wang
Dr. Cramin P. Wiltz
Dr. Paul Zhivago

Gold $500+

Dr. Matthew Anderson
Dr. Emily Batson
Dr. Alan B. Carr
Dr. Shirin Khoynezhad
Dr. Nupur Patel

Dr. William A. Randi
Dr. Eleanor Reid
Dr. David P. Remiszewski
Dr. Brandon Stapleton
Dr. Peter Wulff

Silver $250+


Dr. Hassan M.H. Abed
Dr. Elo C. Adibe
Dr. Paul Albora
Dr. Luis A. Alicea
Dr. Daniel Bernstein
Dr. Astrid Alves Daporta
Dr. Mohammed A. Bahanshal
Dr. Randold A. Binns
Dr. Shane S. Byun
Dr. David D. Carrier
Dr. Carolina Cespedes Manguart
Dr. John E. Chaney
Dr. Won-Gun Chang
Dr. Maggie T. Chao
Dr. Marie Falcone
Dr. Steve T. Hahn
Dr. Eiji Hozumi
Dr. T. Gregory Jacobs
Dr. Sajid A. Jivraj
Dr. Carlos A. Jurado
Dr. Shiro Kamachi
Dr. Zev Kaufman
Dr. Francis L. Keeling
Dr. Scott E. Keith
Dr. Hyeongil Kim
Dr. Jae Seon Kim
Dr. Celeste V. Kong



Dr. Enrique Lask
Dr. Gustavo A. Leal
Dr. Alison G. Loewenstein
Dr. Ahmad MA. Majeed-Saidan
Dr. Thamer Yousif Marghalani
Dr. Alfonso Monarres
Dr. John A. Murrell
Dr. Devin J. Okay
Dr. Sergio M Ortegon
Dr. John J. Petrini
Dr. Shawn P. Platt
Dr. Osama A. Qutub
Dr. Josh A. Renk
Dr. Anthony Sallustio
Dr. Lisa B. Schulman
Dr. Boris Y. Schwartzman
Dr. D. Greg Seal
Dr. Terrance L. Smith
Dr. Jay S. Smith
Dr. Brockman D. Smith
Dr. Akanksha Srivastava
Dr. Dmitri Svirsky
Dr. Jocelyn H. Tan-Chu
Dr. Diane C. Tarica
Dr. Leslee C. Timm
Dr. Foteini Touloumi
Dr. Shuichi Yamaguchi



Bronze $100+

Dr. G. Mitchell Baldree
Dr. David Burnham
Dr. Esther Kuyinu

Dr. Ronald Sloan
Dr. Rajesh Swamidass
Dr. Hoda Yousef


Friend <$100

Dr. Thomas J. Balshi
Dr. Nancy Chaffee
Dr. William Dinse
Dr. Rand F. Harlow
Dr. Andrea L. Hegedus
Dr. Alfredo I. Hernandez
Dr. Nima Iranmanesh
Dr. Kenneth Kent

Dr. Qiuyi Liang
Dr. Lorena Malpica
Dr. Donald Missirlian
Dr. Ahmad A. Qazali
Dr. Lori C. Ransohoff
Dr. Garima K. Talwar
Dr. Ana C. Vazquez
Dr. Bhavani Venkatachalam


State Sections