In Memoriam

The College and the Board of Directors remember the following colleagues and all others who were a part of the specialty. Donations have been made to the ACP Education Foundation in their honor.


Dr. Richard A. Bullock (obituary)
Dr. Patrick D. Crowe, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Burleigh W. Quesinberry, Charter Member 


Dr. Robert H. Ahlstrom (obituary)
Dr. Glen D. Anderson (obituary)
Dr. Samuel Walter Askinas, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Ronald A. Bryant (obituary)
Dr. Kenneth V. Fortman (obituary)
Rear Admiral John B. Holmes, USN (Ret.), Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Donald B. Leslie (obituary)
Dr. Matthew Palermo (obituary)
Dr. Virgil A. Pinkley, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Jeffrey I. Rosenberg (obituary)
Dr. John H. Ross, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Stanley E. Rye (obituary)


Dr. Bruce R. Barnhard
Dr. William F. Bowles, III (obituary)
Dr. Mark E. Connelly (obituary)
Dr. Robert J. Crum, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Donald C. Dertien, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. James D. Dresen (obituary)
Dr. Jon M. Finley (obituary)
Dr. Richard A. Foster, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Bert D. Gaster (obituary)
Dr. William A. Jennings (obituary)
Dr. Jack L. Kabcenell, Charter Member
Dr. George C. Kiser, Charter Member (obituary)
Maj. Gen. Bill B. Lefler, USA (Ret.), Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. James G. McCartney (obituary)
Dr. John P. McCasland, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Ernest B. Mingledorff (obituary)
Dr. Carl E. Misch (obituary)
Dr. Earl M. Ness (obituary)
Dr. Michael J. Tabacco (obituary)
Dr. Glenn E. Turner
Dr. Eugene Unti, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Leslie Young, Jr. (obituary)


Dr. Juliet Kafka Bergen
Dr. Quince B. Davis
Dr. Benjamin E. Dooley, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Robert Jeronimus, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. David R. Jordan, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Keki R. Kotwal
Dr. Norman D. Lieb (obituary)
Dr. James H. Long, Jr., Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Donald O. Lundquist, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Wallace W. Luther, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Dorsey J. Moore, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Leonard R. Moore (obituary)
Dr. Don W. Morgan (obituary)
Dr. Howard E. Neely, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Harold R. Ortman, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Frederick A. Pflughoeft, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Dale E. Smith, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Melissa N. Tormos
Dr. Robert F. Wright (obituary) (memorial site)


Dr. Robert W. Allen
Dr. George P. Argerakis (obituary)
Dr. Lucius W. Battle, Jr. (obituary)
Dr. James W. Buckman (obituary) (memorial letter)
Dr. Patrick H. Garvin (obituary)
Dr. Robert E. Gillis, Jr. (obituary)
Dr. Davis Henderson, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Ross H. Hill, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Albert J. Kazis, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. John J. Lucca, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. William E. Mowery, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. John E. Rhoads, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Arthur R. Roraff, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. James M. Shields (obituary)
Dr. Herbert T. Shillingburg, Jr. (obituary)
Dr. Christopher E. Thomlinson, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Thomas J. Treloar, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Robert G. Tupac
Dr. Kamal N. Zakhari (obituary)


Dr. Thomas C. Abrahamsen (obituary)
Dr. Reno A. Ahlvin, Jr., Charter Member
Dr. Jeffrey C. Archer (obituary)
Dr. Jean-Francois Bedard (obituary)
Dr. William F. Bowles, III (obituary)
Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark (memorial letter)
Dr. Lawrence Churgin (obituary)
Dr. Robert S. Conrad (obituary)
Dr. Carlos O. DeLeon (obituary)
Dr. John R. Frost, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Roy Hawkinson (obituary)
Dr. Richard Hesby (obituary)
Dr. John Y.H. Ismail (obituary)
Dr. George H. Latta (obituary)


Dr. Fred B. Abbott (obituary)
Dr. Hratch A. Abrahamian, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Alexander A. Calomeni, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Robert J. Everhart, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. B. Dan Hall (obituary)
Dr. Abraham Ingber (obituary)
Dr. Dean L. Johnson, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Charlie U. Kastner
Dr. William Kuebker, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Robert Leupold, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Gunnar Norlind, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Kenneth Rudd, Charter Member (obituary)


Dr. Marvin Carmen, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Robert L. Kenney (obituary)
Dr. Robert B. Lytle, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. George E. Monasky (obituary)
Dr. Bruce Singer (obituary)
Dr. John B. Sowter, Charter Member (obituary)
Dr. Daniel Y. Sullivan, Sr. (obituary)


If a current or former member in your community has passed away, please contact the ACP with any information that you can provide.