ACP BOD Handbook

ACP Board Handbook

During your tenure, you will lead the work that brings our strategic priorities to life. The priorities aren’t just words on the website. The board work, in essence, helps us ensure that we are the voice of the specialty. When you meet with your fellow Board members, it is not networking, but rather a great opportunity to connect with them – connect with their work, their expertise, their talent, their passion, and their friendship.

Our association is all about making an impact – an impact on what we do, what we influence, what we believe in, and where we are going. To help acquaint you with the ACP and ACPEF, this Board Handbook has been developed to guide you. The information contained in this section is updated regularly by ACP Staff.

Throughout your term, you will undoubtedly have questions. Please do not hesitate to contact me. We truly want your Board service to be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us. We truly appreciate your support and guidance

Linda Caradine-Poinsett, PhD, MJ, MBA

Association Leadership

Leadership: Who Does What

  • Governance Structure (Click Here)
  • Board Member Role & Responsibilities (Click Here)
  • Current Board Job Descriptions (Click Here)
  • Committee Chair Job Description (Click Here)
  • Committee Best Practices (Coming Soon)
  • Mentoring Guidelines (Coming Soon)

Function: What Happens

Compliance: Need to Know

  • Conflict of Interest Policy (Click Here)
  • Conflict of Interest Form (Click Here) - complete and return to Governance Director
  • Characteristics of a Strong Board (Click Here)
  • Annual Board Assessment (Coming Soon)
  • Reimbursement of expenses (Click Here)

Website and Email Lists Information and Guidance

Board Approved Policies

  • Code of Ethics & Code of Conduct Policy (Click Here)
  • Anti-Harassment Policy (Click Here)
  • List of More Policies (Coming Soon)