Anniversary News   September 1, 2020

Celebrating the ACP's 50th Anniversary: Dr. Cecilia Aragon


"Happy Anniversary to a wonderful institution that makes me proud to be a prosthodontist!" - Dr. Cecilia Aragon

What is one word you would use to describe the ACP?

What has been the most significant or impactful accomplishment of the ACP? Their investment in students with much-needed support for research, education, etc.

What has been your involvement in the ACP/ACPEF for which you are most proud? I was involved in the New Prosthodontist Committee back in 2004, which allowed me to get an understanding of what an amazing organization the ACP is.

What prosthodontist has most inspired you during your career journey? Dr. Leonard Mueninghoff, my Program Director when I was a resident, was not only a wonderful mentor but a great friend, who to this day, advises me on difficult cases I might find in my practice. He is a wealth of prosthodontic knowledge. He is in his 80's now but continues to teach at UAB Dental School.

"Above is a photo of myself and Dr. Daniel Givan in 2010 at the ACP Annual Session in Baltimore, during the Annual President's Dinner after receiving my Board Certification. Dr. Givan was one of my residency mentors." 

How has the ACP/ACPEF influenced you personally and/or professionally? I have met superb colleagues in all aspects of the profession: private practice, academia, research. I am close friends with many of them.

Dr. Aragon with friends and colleagues at the 2014 ACP Meeting in New Orleans.

What would you say to the next generation of prosthodontists about the ACP? Now is the best time to be a prosthodontist! We are able to provide comprehensive treatment to difficult cases, from surgery to delivery of prosthesis, using amazing technology!

What advice would you give to your younger self when you first joined the ACP? Pay more attention to the basic concepts, no matter how advanced the technology. Learn as much as you can now. You will not have much time later on in life. Do not wait too long to become board certified.

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