NPAW News   April 13, 2022

What is NPAW Jeopardy?


Prosthodontic Jeopardy is now available as a resource you can use to celebrate NPAW 2022. This resource, contributed by NPAW Committee Member Dr. Roberta Wright, is an interactive Power Point presentation that includes questions regarding the specialty. This would be perfect for events to actively engage residents, general dentists or dental students in a friendly competition that tests the knowledge of the nuances of prosthodontics.

How to most effectively use the game:

  1. Download the Power Point presentation with the game onto your desktop.
  2. When playing use Presenter Mode.
  3. Click the point value under the category to see the question.
  4. On the page with the question, click anywhere on the screen to reveal the answer.
  5. Use the purple arrow button to return to the game board.

If you are keeping score, you must do so manually, there is not a tool included in the program for scoring purposes. Take advantage of this wonderful resource by downloading it today!


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