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The Neutral Zone Approach with CAD-CAM Record Bases


Now online in the Journal of Prosthodontics, a clinical report of the use of the neutral zone technique with the fabrication of CAD-CAM record bases in an edentulous patient with severely resorbed alveolar ridges.

The neutral zone is defined as the potential space surrounding the mandibular denture between the lips, cheeks, and tongue, and leads to balanced muscular activity in the complete denture. However, the process of recording the neutral zone is not easy, as it must be recorded on denture occlusal and polished surfaces by performing various muscular movements in the oral cavity.

Problems associated with complete dentures include lack of adequate retention, stability, and support, especially in patients with atrophic ridges. In the case described, a 73-year-old woman presented to the prosthodontic clinic with the chief complaint of a loose complete denture, especially the mandibular denture.

Jaw relation was recorded using CAD-CAM record bases with modeling compound, and denture teeth were arranged in a modeling compound. At the esthetic try-in appointment, impressions of the denture polished surfaces were taken to record the neutral zone.

The new set of complete dentures possessed improved retention, stability, support, and facial esthetics compared to the previous set of dentures, and the patient was satisfied.

The authors conclude that the neutral zone technique in complete denture fabrication results in balanced muscular activity, resulting in improved stability and retention, sufficient tongue space, and prevention of food impaction.

Choi S, Kim S, Chang J-S: The neutral zone approach with CAD-CAM record bases. J Prosthodont 2022; https://doi.org/10.1111/jopr.13502


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