ACP Messenger News   July 18, 2018

Summer ACP Messenger Now Available


The digital issue of the summer ACP Messenger is now online!

In this issue, Editor-in-Chief Dr. Miles Cone describes the "prosth eye" and comprehensive dental care. As patients seek treatment that maximizes esthetics, prosthodontists deliver cutting-edge patient care with the individual patient's needs in mind.

Dr. Luiz Gonzaga exposes the art and science behind various aspects of dental photography and discusses how it affects team communication and patient education. Dr. Armand Bedrossian describes the role of hard and soft tissue integration in complex treatment planning for full-mouth rehabilitations. And, Margie Arnett outlines social media strategies to connect with prospective patients.

Elsewhere in this issue are Baltimore recommendations from ACP members, National Prosthodontics Awareness Week highlights, and more.

Two versions of the summer ACP Messenger are available: one that has been optimized for e-readers and tablets and a PDF version for offline reading.


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