ACP News   December 2, 2013

Six Simple Steps to raise awareness for our specialty

Six Simple Steps to raise awareness for our specialty as a local prosthodontist now and through the holiday season:

·         Step 1:  Identify local health reporters in print/online/TV news/radio in your hometown–ask friends/family who do you read/watch re: health?

·         Step 2: Start reading health reporters’ stories/articles/Google/watch health segments on local TV news/radio (listen to health podcasts online.)

·         Step 3.  If you like a reporter’s story, take 2 minutes to write a handwritten note on your private practice stationary with Prosthodontist on the letterhead. Thank them for writing the story, tell them what you learned, why you liked it, and sign your name, credentials, and prosthodontist. Don’t sell-thank them.  This is the building relationship step with local reporters.  Don’t pitch.  Thank them for writing a story that you genuinely like–they’ll remember you. 

·         Step 4:  Treat yourself…If Prosthodontist/Board Certified Prosthodontist isn’t yet on your letterhead/stationary/holiday cards, consider ordering new letterhead/cards that identify you as a Prosthodontist under your credentials.  Add prosthodontist in your handwritten/digital signature.

·         Step 5:  Check your website/letterhead/stationary–is Prosthodontist/Board Certified Prosthodontist under your name/credentials in all private practice materials including holiday cards?  Adding your name/credentials and prosthodontist/board certified prosthodontist helps raise awareness locally and is an effective step that you can do immediately with patients, peers and public outreach.

·         Step 6:  If someone asks what’s a prosthodontist at a holiday party, are you ready with a 20-second sound bite?  A mini media refresher is on prosthodontics.org/videos/ called the 2013 Doctors Montage. Memorize consumer-friendly answer in text box of 2012 Doctors Montage. Test it!

To recap, it’s six simple steps this holiday:  Identify; Read; Thank; Treat Yourself; Check; Test 20-second “sound bite” answer--What’s a prosthodontist?  When friends/family/neighbors ask you what’s a prosthodontist, be ready with a consumer-friendly answer that’s clear, concise, compelling to patients.


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