ACP News, ACPEF News   November 15, 2013

Announcing the Prosthodontist Innovator Award

Sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare through an Unrestricted Educational Grant

The American College of Prosthodontists Education Foundation is proud to announce a new research award which supports key areas of interest for the future of Prosthodontics. 

The goals of this sponsored research are to advance the understanding of prosthodontics-related biological and/or materials systems, human behavior, cost and care delivery, as well as economic modeling and quality of life investigations.

The scope of research sought is areas of science that contribute to the understanding of:

  • care for edentulous patients;
  • denture care and management;
  • awareness and management of co-morbidities associated with partial and/or complete edentulism;
  • medication use and management of dry mouth;
  • prosthodontic patient caries risk assessment and interventions;
  • patient mediated outcomes associated with prosthodontic therapy;
  • hypersensitivity; and
  • acid erosion.

One, single-year funding in the amount up to $25,000 (U.S. currency) toinitiate or foster research in these areas will be awarded to an ACP member Prosthodontist and to his/her institution. Investigators who receive single-year awards may be invited to apply for support in future years, contingent on availability of funds.


This educational grant is open to Prosthodontists who are within 5 years of their initial appointment at a US or Canadian dental school or related academic institutions. The applicant must be a member of the ACP and show outstanding promise in their research area.


Completed applications must be received by the ACP Education Foundation by Dec. 15.  The ACP Research Committee will select the award winner by Dec. 31.


For more information, please see Application Guidelines or email rmasri@umaryland.edu.


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