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Should You Still Invest Time in Facebook?


With concerns about fake accounts and data privacy in the news, consumer attitudes toward Facebook have changed, and it can be difficult to drive the level of engagement that you were used to. For practitioners, the question is: should you continue to invest time in maintaining a Facebook business page?

In the Summer issue of the ACP Messenger, education specialist Margie Arnett argues that consumer engagement on Facebook is still out there -- and provides eight tips for how to earn it. Relying on cliched dental joke images may not form much of a connection between you and your audience, but posts that demonstrate your authenticity and build trust can pay dividends for your practice.

What's working for your practice on social media? The ACP is planning to publish an updated Social Media Toolkit with tips and wisdom from ACP members. Please reach out to the ACP Central Office if you would like to contribute and we will follow up with you.


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