NPAW News, Journal of Prosthodontics News   March 12, 2019

Share Knowledge with Free Journal of Prosthodontics Articles for NPAW


This National Prosthodontics Awareness Week, spread awareness by sharing select articles from the Journal of Prosthodontics for free. This year’s articles are all focused on the prosthodontist’s role in crafting smiles:

  • Implant Rehabilitation Planning Protocol for the Edentulous Patient According to Denture Space, Lip Support, and Smile Line, by Drs. Laura Lago, Benito Rilo, Noelia Fernández‐Formoso, and Luis DaSilva
  • Management of Challenging Esthetic Anterior Cases with Limited Restorative Space: A Clinical Report, by Drs. Ahmed Afify and Stephan Haney
  • Technique to Match Gingival Shade when Using Pink Ceramics for Anterior Fixed Implant Prostheses, by Drs. Panos Papaspyridakos, Sarah Amin, Khaled El‐Rafie, and Hans‐Peter Weber

Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez, NPAW Chair, explains why these articles are perfect for NPAW:

“I chose these articles because they are all related to the restoration of the smile, the esthetic zone-our presentation to the world. One article assists with decision making to choose the most suitable type of prosthesis. Another article presents a simple and effective technique to match the color of the gingiva in anterior restorations where there are tissue deficiencies that cannot be surgically reconstructed. And the last article presents a framework design under an overdenture that restores a smile in a youthful patient. All of these articles serve as inspiration, guidelines, protocols, and ideas to restore the smile. They are helpful to other specialties for enlightenment, to general dentists for understanding and other prosthodontists for new techniques and tweaks of older protocols.”

Check out the articles online and share with your colleagues!


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