ACP News   December 5, 2012

PR Tip: Seven Steps to Improve Your Practice

  • 1. Update your professional picture. (Wear a lab coat with “prosthodontist” on the lapel.)

  • 2. Use your new photo as your profile picture…everywhere.

  • 3. Identify yourself as a prosthodontist in your social media profile.

  • 4. Practice saying, “As a prosthodontist, I am a specialized dentist with advanced training in oral health issues such as ___, ___, and _____.  I am committed to improving patient results.” View mini-media training online.

  • 5. Stock your practice waiting area with patient brochures.  (Order online.)

  • 6. Add the ACP logo to your website.

  • 7. Play ACP videos in your practice waiting area.

Doing these seven steps educates patients about why to go to a prosthodontist as “your smile is our specialty.”


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