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Journal of Prosthodontics: Most Cited and Most Read Articles for 2012

The results are in! According to Wiley-Blackwell, these are the most-cited and most-read Journal of Prosthodontics articles for 2012.

Most downloaded:
1) Moslehifard E, Nikzad S, Geraminpanah F, et al: Full-Mouth Rehabilitation of a Patient with Severely Worn Dentition and Uneven Occlusal Plane: A Clinical Report. J Prosthodont 2012;21:56-64
2) Theodosopoulou JN, Chochlidakis KM: A Systematic Review of Dowel (Post) and Core Materials and Systems. J Prosthodont 2009;18:464-472
3) Aboushelib MN: Fatigue and Fracture Resistance of Zirconia Crowns Prepared with Different Finish Line Designs. J Prosthodont 2012;21:22-27

Most cited:
1) Adatia, ND; Bayne, SC; Cooper, LF, et al: Fracture Resistance of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Dental Implant Abutments. J Prosthodont 2009;18:17-22
2) Felton DA: Edentulism and Comorbid Factors. J Prosthodont 2009;18:88-96
3) Tsolaki IN, Madianos PN, Vrotsos JA: Outcomes of Dental Implants in Osteoporotic Patients. A Literature Review. J Prosthodont 2009;18:309-323

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