Journal of Prosthodontics News   January 30, 2019

Online Extras in the January Journal of Prosthodontics


January's issue of the Journal of Prosthodontics includes 63 additional online articles. Articles in the special issue include:

  • Effect of Surface Modification on In-Depth Transformations and Flexural Strength of Zirconia Ceramics, by Drs. Kan Wongkamhaeng, Deborah V. Dawson, Julie A. Holloway, & Isabelle Denry
  • Preparation Ferrule Design Effect on Endocrown Failure Resistance, By Drs. Michael Einhorn, Nicholas DuVall, Michael Wajdowicz, John Brewster, & Howard Roberts
  • Quality and Survival of Direct Light-Activated Composite Resin Restorations in Posterior Teeth: A 5- to 20-Year Retrospective Longitudinal Study, by Drs. Ernesto Borgia, Rosario Baron, & Jose Luis Borgia
  • Fatigue Behavior of Crystalline-Reinforced Glass-Ceramics, by Drs. Carolina Barbosa Vicari, Bárbara de Oliveira Magalhães, Jason Griggs, & Márcia Borba
  • Does Surgical Crown Lengthening Procedure Produce Stable Clinical Outcomes for Restorative Treatment? A Meta-Analysis, by Dr. Zeyad H. Al-Sowygh

The articles in this special issue are available to everyone, members and non-members alike, free of charge. This is an excellent opportunity to share up-to-date prosthodontics research with colleagues, students, or anyone with an interest in the subject.


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