Journal of Prosthodontics News   October 5, 2021

October 2021 Issue of the Journal of Prosthodontics Now Online


The October issue of the Journal of Prosthodontics is now online! The Journal of Prosthodontics is the official journal of the American College of Prosthodontists. Nine articles in this issue were co-authored by ACP members, including: 

  • Digital Workflow for Full‐Arch Immediate Implant Placement Using a Stackable Surgical Guide Fabricated Using SLM Technology, by Jing-Wen Yang, Qi Liu, Zhao-Guo Yue, Jian-Xia Hou, and Kelvin I. Afrashtehfar
  • Digitally Designed and Milled Verification Jigs Generated from Photogrammetry Data Acquisition: A Clinical Report, by Naif Sinada and Panos Papaspyridakos
  • Incidental Findings in Cone Beam Computed Tomography for Dental Implants in 1002 Patients, by Mamdouh O. Kachlan, Jie Yang, Thomas J. Balshi, Glenn J. Wolfinger, and Stephen F. Balshi
  • The Effect of Build Orientation on the Dimensional Accuracy of 3D‐Printed Mandibular Complete Dentures Manufactured with a Multijet 3D Printer, by Hanqi Gao, Zhen Yang, Wei-Shao Lin, Jianguo Tan, and Li Chen
  • Fracture Strength of Interim CAD/CAM and Conventional Partial Fixed Dental Prostheses, by Ramtin Sadid-Zadeh, Cory Zirkel, Seteven Makwoka, and Rui Li  
  • Mechanical Behavior and Fracture Loads of Screw‐Retained and Cement‐Retained Lithium Disilicate Implant‐Supported Crowns, by Hercules Pessin Camatta, Rodrigo Melim Ferreira, Brunna Mota Ferrairo, Samira Sandy Strelhow, José Henrique Rubo, Aline Akemi Mori, and Fernanda Ferruzzi
  • Effect of Endodontic Access Preparation on Fracture Load of Translucent versus Conventional Zirconia Crowns with Varying Occlusal Thicknesses, by Amir H. Nejat, Peter Dupree, Edwin Kee, Xiaoming, Wael Zakkour, Mark Odom, Karen Bruggers, and Faye Mascarenhas
  • Comparison of Wear Resistance of Prefabricated Composite Veneers Versus Ceramic and Enamel, by Marco Dederichs, Mina D. Fahmy, Hongseok An, Arndt Guentsch, Stephanie Viebranz, and Harald Kuepper
  • Integrating Facial and Intraoral Scans for Digital Esthetic and Occlusal Design: A Technical Report, by Ao Sun, Yang Yang, Hanqi Gao, Wei-Shao Lin, Li Chen, and Jianguo Tan

The complete issue is available online and the print issue is in the mail. To access full-text Journal articles, please login to the ACP website and connect to the Journal here


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