Annual Session News   October 5, 2021

Annual Session Program Highlight: Live Discussion Every Day


The 2021 Annual Session of the ACP is taking place this month, Oct. 26 – 30! We are excited to continue our tradition of excellent education, with an enhanced virtual experience for our members and meeting attendees.

New this year is the opportunity for live interaction, discussion, and Q & A with moderators, speakers, and other attendees.

There are 10 Connection blocks throughout the week, each featuring a moderator and three or four unique speakers with their own 30-minute presentations. After each speaker in that block has presented, the moderator will facilitate a Q & A with the group of speakers, featuring questions submitted by virtual attendees. Each Connection should have at least 15 minutes for the live discussion.

All of this takes place on the platform itself, not in a separate application or screen. You can chat with other attendees, submit your questions, and take notes all in one place.

You can view the full program to see all the Connections, and learn more about each session. Register online today to ensure early access to the platform!


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