Anniversary News   September 22, 2020

Celebrating the ACP's 50th Anniversary: Dr. Louis F. DeSantis


"Happy Anniversary, I am looking forward to your continued growth and success!" - Dr. Louis F. DeSantis, ACP Regional Membership Director - Northeast Region 1

Which decade did you join the ACP? 1980's

What is one word you would use to describe the ACP? Union

What has been the most significant or impactful accomplishment of the ACP? Representing our members and specialty both nationally and globally.

What has been your involvement in the ACP/ACPEF for which you are most proud? The honor of serving the northeast region as its membership director.

How has the ACP/ACPEF influenced you personally and/or professionally? By providing the necessary tools to be successful as a prosthodontist.

What prosthodontist has most inspired you during your career journey? Dr. Jack Kabcenell and Dr. Gary Goldstein

What would you say to the next generation of prosthodontists about the ACP? The ACP is what gives legitimacy to the specialty, embrace it.

What advice would you give to your younger self when you first joined the ACP? Get involved now; what are you waiting for?

To submit your memories of the ACP in celebration of the 50th Anniversary, click here.

Many members are celebrating the ACP’s 50th anniversary by donating to the ACPEF's 50 for 50 Appeal, a special effort to steward the next 50 years. Consider joining as a supporter this year!


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