NPAW News   February 6, 2019

Celebrate NPAW in Style


A great way to celebrate NPAW is to highlight the specialty visually around your office. You could put the NPAW logo on display, have informational brochures out for patients to learn from, or even create your very own NPAW products.

Last year, Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez created her own #prosthodontics shirts. She and her staff wore the shirts instead of their typical scrubs as a conversation starter with patients:

"Wearing my specialty 'on my sleeve' so to speak made the shirt just that -- a conversation starter," she says. "The patients loved the change to the uniform and we used their compliment as an opportunity to talk about the specialty, the work we do, and how good we feel about the opportunity to help others."

For ideas and resources to start your NPAW planning, check out the NPAW Toolkit.


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