Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark, MD, PhD (May 3, 1929 - December 20, 2014) was a Swedish physician and anatomist, who is considered by all the father of modern dental implant prosthodontics and is the researcher who discovered the ground breaking phenomenon of osseointegration that makes screw-type endosseous dental implants so highly successful.

P-I Brånemark’s research on dental implants began in Gothenburg in 1965 and he presented seminal finds of his research at the landmark Toronto Conference in 1982. There, he explained the long-term stability of biological and biomechanical fusion of living bone to titanium, introducing the concept to North America and to the world.  It was at that time, the Brånemark Implant System and treatment method was commercialized by Bofors (now Nobel Biocare) and made available for the global treatment of patients with missing teeth.

Over his life time, P-I Brånemark continued to gather research data, lecture presentations, patient interaction videos and much more.  All of these materials, including prototypes of experimental implants and surgical instrumentation have been lovingly preserved by P-I Brånemark’s wife, Mrs. Barbro Brånemark, of Gothenburg.  It is through the kind and magnanimous generosity of Mrs. Branemark that the American College of Prosthodontists has exclusively been given all of P-I Branemark’s unique material for the ACP BRÅNEMARK ARCHIVE. She has given our community a treasure trove of materials and images to display in the archive so that they will be in an open platform and made available to the entire profession, clinicians, educators, students, researchers and the entire global population.  The ACP is honored to receive this treasure and to be charged with this vast responsibility. 

Never seen before images of research papers, prototypes and sketches, photos, videos, early patient treatments, and other exclusive, novel, and notable items worthy of preservation for future generations of prosthodontists and dental professionals will continue to be added.

The ACP P-I Branemark Archive is open to anyone who has archival-related material they are willing to share with this remarkable endeavor. We invite anyone with material related to P.I. Brånemark's discovery and use of osseointegrated implants to contribute to this global effort. Please contact acpef@prosthodontics.org.

Thank you to Mrs. Barbro Brånemark for generously donating items in this archive. 

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