American Board of Prosthodontics News   January 16, 2019

ABP Announces Fee Increase for Re-Certification Examination

ABP-Logo-2587CThe American Board of Prosthodontics announces a fee increase for the re-certification (renewal) examination. The ABP Board voted to increase the fee associated with this examination to $250.00, effective February 1, 2019.

The ABP re-certification examination is required once every eight-year cycle following the achievement of Diplomate status. The exam is now online and can be found on the ABP website on the "Diplomates" page, or online at abp.roc-p.com.

The goal of re-certification is to assure that Diplomates meet certain knowledge and skill criteria and maintain or exceed this level throughout their careers. This process also meets ADA CDEL guidelines regarding Board certification. In essence, it provides the public and profession with information regarding our board-certified members. The re-certification examination is 25 multiple choice questions that use current literature as a reference for the exam. In addition, a total of 240 hours of continuing dental education (maximum of 60 hours/year) must be accumulated over the eight (8) year period (for specifics, see the current Guidelines document).

Any questions or comments should be directed to the Chief Professional Officer at exams@abpros.org.


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