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A Combined Digital Technique for Manufacturing Functional Fixed Implant Prosthesis


Now online in the Journal of Prosthodontics, a report of a technique using CAD/CAM software for the manufacture of fixed implant prosthesis prototypes for complete-arch implant rehabilitations, which can be done in-house with minimal equipment.

With the increase in use of monolithic zirconia for complete-arch implant prostheses, careful planning and design of the prosthesis is fundamental to ensure successful outcomes and limit the need for adjustments at the delivery stage.

In the case described, a conventional impression technique and a physical definitive cast were used. Due to limited equipment available and to simplify the workflow, a chairside intraoral scanner was used to obtain data files.

Physical landmarks (notches/grooves placed on the definitive cast extraorally) were used to overlay all the data files using a superimposition tool in the CAD software. A laboratory pick-up step was then used to replicate the exact implant positions from a physical stone definitive cast to bypass any potential inaccuracies introduced by the intraoral scanners and seating arms were used to eliminate possible positioning errors.

This workflow can reduce financial costs and enhance treatment outcomes and as such, could be a valuable technique to be incorporated into a prosthodontics practice.

Altemimi A, Rodriguez J, Nahon M. A combined digital technique for manufacturing functional fixed implant prosthesis prototypes using a cad/cam software. J Prosthodont 2021; https://doi.org/10.1111/jopr.13416


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