Journal of Prosthodontics News   December 5, 2018

The Latest Research, Available Faster than Before


Journal of Prosthodontics articles are now published online in two stages:

New this fall, Accepted Articles have completed the JoP peer review process and have been accepted for publication by Dr. Radi Masri, the Editor-in-Chief. Accepted Articles are published online within a week of acceptance. Because they have not yet been typeset or proofread, they are only available as a PDF. However, these articles are fully citable and indexed in major databases, including PubMed. This is the fastest way to make the latest research available for JoP readers and for other researchers to begin citing important work.

After Accepted Articles have been copyedited, typeset, and proofread, they are replaced by the official version of record, called Early View. Early View articles are available as a typeset PDF that looks exactly as the article will appear in print and includes hyperlinked references, interactive figures, and links to related research. Because Early View articles and Accepted Articles both have the same digital object identifier (doi), links and citations to Accepted Articles will automatically be replaced by the new version of record, the Early View article.

To access Journal of Prosthodontics articles online, log in through the ACP website. Then from the JoP homepage, click the "Browse" tab to see both "Accepted Articles" and "Early View."


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