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The February Issue of the Journal of Prosthodontics is Now Online!


The February issue (Vol 32.2) of the Journal of Prosthodontics is now available online! The Journal of Prosthodontics is the official journal of the American College of Prosthodontists.

This issue features 6 articles co-authored by ACP members, including:

  • Clinical Outcomes of Implant-Supported Monolithic Zirconia Crowns and Fixed Partial Dentures: A Systematic Review, Wanjin Kim DMD, Xiao Chun Li DMD, Avinash S. Bidra BDS, MS, FACP
  • Survival Rate of Ultrawide Diameter Implants Placed into Molar Postextraction Sockets and in Function for Up to 144 Months, Michael J. Will DDS, MD, FACS, Carl Drago DDS, MS, FACP
  • Complications Associated with Metal Resin Fixed Complete Dentures Based on Implant Distribution, Shivani Karre BDS, MS, Mathew T. Kattadiyil BDS, MDS, MS, FACP, Jaime L. Lozada DDS, FAAID, Abdulaziz AlHelal BDS, MS
  • Effect of Fiber Reinforcement on the Flexural Strength of the Transitional Implant-Supported Fixed Dental Prosthesis, Shivani Suvarna BDS, Armand E. Bedrossian DDS, MSD, FACP, Qianhui Xu DDS, MPH, William Kuykendall BSME, Van Ramos Jr DDS, FACP, John A Sorenson DMD, PhD, FACP, Kwok-Hung Chung DDS, PhD, FADM
  • Double-Crown Prosthesis Retention Using Polyetherketoneketone (PEKK): An In Vitro Study, Kensuke Igarashi DDS, PhD, Dr med dent, Hiroki Katagiri DDS, PhD, Samir Abou-Ayash PD, Dr med dent, FZ SSO, Martin Schimmel MAS, Prof Dr med dent, Kelvin I. Afrashtehfar DDS, MSc, Dr med dent, FDSRCS, FRCDC
  • Noncarious Cervical Lesions: Morphology and Progression, Prevalence, Etiology, Pathophysiology, and Clinical Guidelines for Restoration, Charles J. Goodacre DDS, MSD, FACP, FFDRCS Irel (Hon), W. Eugene Roberts DDS, PhD, DHC (Med), Carlos A. Munoz DDS, MSD

The complete issue is available online and the print issue is in the mail. Follow the JOP on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more article highlights.


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