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The 2022 February Issue of the Journal of Prosthodontics is now online


The February issue (Vol 31.2) of the Journal of Prosthodontics is now online! The Journal of Prosthodontics is the official journal of the American College of Prosthodontists.

This issue includes five articles co-authored by ACP members: 

  • Esthetic and Functional Rehabilitation of an Adolescent Patient with Severe Dental Fluorosis: A Clinical Report, Sherif Hosney BDS, MS, FACP, Carlo Ercoli DDS, MBA, FACP, Deborah Dilbone DMD, Maria Gabriela Carranza DDS, FACP, Konstantinos Chochlidakis DDS, MS, FACP
  • Longitudinal Study of Dental Implants in HIV−Positive Patients, Toni Tien Neumeier DMD, Michael Reddy DMD, Nicolaas Geurs DDS, Jeff Hill DMD, Harold Neumeier PhD
  • Failure Load of Monolithic Lithium Disilicate Implant‐Supported Single Crowns Bonded to Ti‐base Abutments versus to Customized Ceramic Abutments after Fatigue, FA Spitznagel DMD, Dr.med.dent, EA Bonfante DDS, MS, PhD, F Vollmer DMD, Dr.med.dent, PC Gierthmuehlen DDS, PhD, Prof.Dr.med.dent
  • The Impact of Surgical Guide Fixation and Implant Location on Accuracy of Static Computer‐Assisted Implant Surgery, Roberto Pessoa DDS, MSc, PhD, Rafael Siqueira DDS, MSc, PhD, Junying Li DDS, MSc, PhD, Islam Saleh BDS, Priscila Meneghetti DDS, MSc, Fábio Bezerra, Hom-Lay Wang DDS, MSc, PhD, Gustavo Mendonça DDS, MSc, PhD
  • The Effects of Beverages and Surface Treatments on the Color Stability of 3D‐Printed Interim Restorations, Lamya Almejrad BDS, Chao-Chieh Yang DDS, MSD, Dean Morton BDS, MS, Wei-Shao Lin DDS, PhD

The complete issue is available online and the print issue is in the mail.


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