ACPEF News   November 14, 2018

Thank You to Donors Who Gave at the Annual Session


The ACPEF Booth at the ACP Annual Session received quite an amount of traffic! Many members who had donated beforehand stopped by to pick up their donor pins and journal gift. Others stopped by to make their donation for the year. In fact, a record number of donations was received on-site.

Thank you to the 50 members who gave a combined total of $9,500 during the ACP Annual Session!

Dr. Isra Elameen Ahmed
Dr. Edward M. Amet
Dr. Lisa R. Antonoff
Dr. Kaveh Azarnoush
Dr. Marvin L. Baer
Dr. Antonella Aida Botto
Dr. Shane S. Byun
Dr. Carlos Castro
Dr. Chun-Han Chang
Dr. Scott A. Chavez
Dr. Woo Jung Amos Chi
Dr. Stephen M. Cross
Dr. Nainesh A. Desai
Dr. Louis F. DeSantis
Dr. Dianne M. Gan
Dr. Peter J. Gerngross
Dr. Quincy L. Gibbs
Dr. Amr A. Habib
Dr. Ashley L. Hauger
Dr. Joel A. Hirsch
Dr. Wayne W. Hsieh
Dr. Ornanong Jirapongsananurak
Dr. Kent L. Knoernschild
Dr. Celeste V. Kong
Dr. Laura K. Koo Min Chee
Dr. Mauricio Lavie

Dr. Alexis M. Lippe
Dr. Michelle L. Llinas
Dr. Lillian Mitchell
Dr. Edward A. Monaco, Jr.
Dr. Jennifer P. Nguyen
Dr. Ajay K. Ojha
Dr. John T. Pappas
Dr. Stephen M. Parel
Dr. Nupur Patel
Dr. Dimitri Perdikis
Dr. Jack Piermatti
Dr. Anna E. Pitz
Dr. James P. Pizzo
Dr. Christopher M. Presnell
Dr. Jeffrey M. Rodney
Dr. Avishai Sadan
Dr. C. Scott Schmitt
Dr. Ricardo Schwedhelm
Dr. Jesse A. Stafford
Dr. Geoffrey A. Thompson
Dr. Frank J. Triana
Dr. Pakwan Varapongsittikul
Dr. Chandur Wadhwani
Dr. Phillip Wallace
Dr. Saeed Yazdianpour
Dr. Hoda Yousef

A special shout out to residents (22 of the on-site donors were residents), bringing the total of resident donors for the year up to 70.

To date, ACP members have given 85% of the goal of $165,000! Will you help us raise the last 15% needed?


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