Journal of Prosthodontics News   April 6, 2021

Technique to Record and Transfer the Distance Between Bone Crest and Interproximal Contact Point


Now online in the Journal of Prosthodontics, a report of a technique to predictably achieve an interdental contact area within the proper distance from the crest of the bone to help maintain the papilla for the long term.

For decades clinicians have been experimenting with ways to prevent the loss of or to regain the interdental papilla after tooth loss. A major concern is how to achieve the distance of 5 mm or less from the crest of the bone to the interproximal contact point while fabricating the final implant-supported restoration. The goal of the technique presented here is to provide clinically relevant guidance on where and how to place the contact points for the best support for soft tissue around the implant and tooth supported restorations.

This technique will help avoid trial and error with multiple visits to determine the correct position of the proximal contact point. The technique can be used for both teeth and/or implant-supported restorations.

Dhingra A, Taylor T, Flinton R: A Technique to Record and Transfer the Distance Between the Bone Crest and the Interproximal Contact Point to the Dental Laboratory to Maintain the Interdental Papilla While Fabricating Implant Supported Restorations. J of Prosthodont 2021. Accepted Author Manuscript. https://doi.org/10.1111/jopr.13354


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