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Summer Brochure Sale: Buy One, Get the Other Free

2016SummerBrochureBOGOWhat do patients need to know about the risks of chronic dry mouth or pains in the jaw?

This summer (June 15-Aug. 15), ACP members receive buy one, get one savings on the featured products of the summer: ACP's Don't Ignore Dry Mouth brochure and TMJ/TMD Pains in the Jaw Brochure.

These brochures are excellent resources to educate patients about xerostomia and temporomandibular joint disorders. Both brochures are sold in packs of 50. Order a pack of dry mouth or TMJ brochures and receive an additional pack of your choice free.

Call 312-573-1260 or fax in this form to order your brochures. Don't miss out on big savings!

Posted June 15, 2016


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