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Retention of Titanium Copings to Implant-Supported Fixed Dental Prostheses


Now online in the Journal of Prosthodontics, a report on the retention of titanium copings co-authored by ACP members Sieu Yien Chiam, DDS, Armand E. Bedrossian, DDS, MSD, FACP, and Van Ramos Jr., DDS, FACP. This work was supported in part by an ACP Education Foundation Research Fellowship grant.

Monolithic zirconia prostheses with cemented titanium copings have been introduced to provide a metal-to-metal interface with the implant abutment. However, the inherent differences in mechanical properties between zirconia materials and titanium-based implant parts could cause a deterioration between interfaces resulting in the dislodgement of the titanium coping from the zirconia framework during functioning.

This in vitro study assessed the effects of using different cements and titanium copings designs on the retention of implant-supported fixed dental prostheses (IFDPs) using a pull-out test. Fifty zirconia and 20 prepolymerized denture acrylic resin rectangular specimens were milled to mimic the lower left segmental portion of the All-on-Four IFDPs. Cylindrical titanium copings were used in 2 prepolymerized denture acrylic resin groups (n = 10) while conical titanium copings were used as a control group for zirconia with 4 groups using cylindrical titanium copings.

The retention force of prepolymerized PMMA denture base resin cemented onto cylindrical titanium copings using quick-set denture polymer obtained significantly higher bonding force than Bis-GMA-based cement. No statistically significant differences in retention force between conical and cylindrical titanium copings for zirconia IFDPs cemented with Panavia SA cement were found. The retention of zirconia surface cemented onto cylindrical titanium copings was highest for zirconia specimen groups cemented with autopolymerizable or dual-cured Bis-GMA-based cements.

Chiam, SY, Lee, HL, Bedrossian, AE, Xu, Q, Kuykendall, W, Ren, A, et al. Retention of titanium copings to implant-supported fixed dental prostheses. J Prosthodont. 2023; 1– 8. https://doi.org/10.1111/jopr.13706


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