Journal of Prosthodontics News   November 4, 2019

Rate of Technical Complications and Prosthesis Survival


Now online in the Journal of Prosthodontics, Drs. Panos Papaspyridakos, Thaisa Barizan Bordin, Yong-Jeong Kim, Khaled El-Rafie, Sarah E. Pagni, Zuhair S. Natto, Eduardo Rolim Teixeira, Konstantinos Chochlidakis, and Hans-Peter Weber report the rate of technical complications and prosthesis survival in a cohort of edentulous patients treated with implant-supported fixed complete dental prostheses after a mean observation period of at least 1 year.

They found that after a mean exposure time of 5.2 years, 91.6% prosthesis survival rates were achieved (65 out of 71 IFCDPs). The most frequent minor technical complication was wear of the prosthetic material, while the most frequent major complication was fracture of the prosthetic material. Presence of bruxism, and absence of a nightguard were associated with increased risk for chipping of the prosthetic material of the IFCDPs.

Papaspyridakos P, Bordin T, Kim Y, et al: Technical Complications and Prosthesis Survival Rates with Implant‐Supported Fixed Complete Dental Prostheses: A Retrospective Study with 1‐ to 12‐Year Follow‐Up. J Prosthodont doi: 10.1111/jopr13119 


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