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Prosthodontist Featured on News for Helping Local Zoo


Every prosthodontist has their share of unusual patients. ACP member Dr. Cindy Nichols was recently featured in a news segment on WIS10, the NBC affiliate in Columbia, South Carolina for her work with a particularly stubborn individual.

Dr. Nichols helped the Riverbanks Zoo by fabricating a prosthetic for a 30-year-old pancake tortoise named Blueberry. The maxillary obturator she crafted was needed to fill a hole that spans from Blueberry's sinuses into the roof of his mouth, most likely the result of sparring with another tortoise.

The prosthetic has been in place for a few months and is working very well, solving a potentially life-threatening problem for the tortoise -- thanks to the creativity and problem-solving skills of a prosthodontist.


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