ACP News   March 21, 2013

Pay to Play Media Advisory

Have you been contacted by PBS's BreakthroughsTV with Martin Sheen, InFocus, or Lifetime TV's Having it All with Kelly LeBrock? Producers pitch these opportunities as free in the initial contact, yet the cost varies between $24,500-$29,000 for a three-minute segment.

The College does not endorse or have a relationship with these companies. These are paid advertising. Some members choose to do these placements, and one member reported finding two new patients through InFocus. If members opt to do a paid TV interview, the ACP PR Team is here to provide media coaching.

The advantage is that the shows will present you in a positive light so you can control the message, and they are guaranteed to air; on the other hand, they are not free. The ACP offers free media opportunity alternatives. Check the NPAW toolkit on prosthodontics.org for ideas.


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