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NPAW: Proclaim The Week!

Kentucky_-_Dr._Stapleton_DeclarationOne free and easy way to celebrate National Prosthodontics Awareness Week is to submit a proclamation request to your town, city, or state! A proclamation is a formal recognition of a special observance, like NPAW.

To do this, simply download the Proclamation Request Template from the NPAW Toolkit, edit it for your area, and send it in. The best way to figure out where to send it is to Google "proclamation request" and your town's name.

In 2016, Lexington, KY commemorated National Prosthodontics Awareness Week in their town thanks to a proclamation request submitted by Dr. Brandon Stapleton. Here's how he did it:

"I used the Proclamation Request Template in the NPAW Toolkit and sent it to the mayor of my city and the Governor. I would recommend you send it in early enough to give them time to respond, but not too early as they will forget about it. I sent mine in at the end of March, which in my opinion was a little too late. I think giving these tasks to a team member is great -- let them do the planning and you'll be there to guide them to get the results and exposure you want."

Check out the Proclamation Request Template in the NPAW Toolkit!

Dated Feb. 21, 2018


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