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NPAW: Open Houses and the Importance of Pizza

As you think about NPAW activities, check out the plan that Dr. Lisa Kane and her colleagues at the University of Michigan have put together:

"Working together with the residents and Director in Grad Pros, I have invited 40 pre-doc students who will get to scan on each other using the 3Shape IOS. This is a big deal here at the school since most D2, D3 and D4 students have not yet had the opportunity to use any digital technology (unfortunately intra oral scanners were just introduced to our D1 class in pre-clinic). The students have expressed so much excitement and I am just loving it!

"The event will be held over two days during lunch time where we will have four 3Shape trios IOS (some belong to Grad Pros and others here at the school kindly offered their machines for us to borrow). The hands-on course will be followed by a presentation led by the residents regarding the prosthodontic applications of digital technology AND most importantly, PIZZA!

"I have asked the school photographer/writer to take pictures and do an article, as well as a big splash on the school website leading up to NPAW and the actual week. The Dean is also scheduled to attend."

Hopefully this can serve as inspiration for your own open house or other NPAW activities. For more ideas and resources, check out the all-new NPAW Toolkit!


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