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NPAW Officially Recognized in Chicago & Alabama

madison_prosthodontics_npawNational Prosthodontics Awareness Week is less than a week away, but the excitement has already begun as several governments have officially recognized NPAW.

Governor Kay Ivey of the State of Alabama issued an official proclamation declaring April 8-14, 2018 as National Prosthodontics Awareness Week in Alabama! This declaration was issued to Dr. Cramin P. Wiltz II, who submitted the proclamation request to the Governor's office.

"I was hoping that an official proclamation by the Governor of Alabama would encourage all my colleagues to show a unified effort in educating their local community about the specialty of prosthodontics," said Dr. Wiltz. "I mailed copies of it to all the prosthodontists that I knew of in the state so that it could be showcased or even submitted to local media so that they could get local coverage. It is important because the more the public knows about who we are and what we do, the more likely people are to seek prosthodontists for prosthetic services."

In the City of Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel also issued an official proclamation, declaring NPAW for the entire city. Here at the Central Office, we're very proud to have NPAW and prosthodontics recognized by our hometown and its 2.7 million residents -- and even prouder to be joined by the 4.8 million people of Alabama!

Both official proclamations describe what prosthodontists do, the role of the ACP in representing the specialty, and the message of hope that is central to NPAW. The recognitions were received by utilizing the resources in the NPAW Toolkit, specifically the Proclamation Request Template.

This is an exciting way to begin the official NPAW celebrations, so let's keep the momentum going.

Dated April 4, 2018


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