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NPAW: Letters to the Editor Can Bring Patients

NPAW_Letters_to_the_EditorFor National Prosthodontics Awareness Week, consider submitting a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper, magazine, or newsletter. Many publications will publish Letters to the Editor in print, online, or both. This is a chance for you to present a prosthodontist's perspective on important issues facing your community, like their oral health!

The NPAW Subcommittee drafted several Letter to the Editor templates that you can download and adapt. Some of the topics include:

You can also craft a letter of your own. Remember to stay brief to better your chances of being printed (and not being edited). Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez found success with her letters:

"A large percentage of my patient population is over age 55. This generation reads newsprint: newspaper and the local township or county newsletter. These publications receive Letters to the Editor and are willing to print the letters as a form of public education/awareness of current issues and community resources.

"In the past, I have successfully submitted letters explaining our specialty and the celebration of NPAW. During the month of April and into the summer, many new and existing patients have come in my office with the letter in hand. The new patients learned about the specialty of prosthodontics and the existing patients were proud that I wrote a letter for publication."

Check out the all-new NPAW Toolkit, which has these and other tools for media outreach.

Dated March 14, 2018


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