NPAW News   February 18, 2019

NPAW: A Time to Give Back


A unique way to celebrate National Prosthodontics Awareness Week is to showcase your skills through pro bono work.

In the past, ACP members have conducted free oral cancer screenings, participated in charity walks, and fabricated free dentures for deserving patients.

Last year, members of the prosthodontics department from Creighton University School of Dentistry celebrated NPAW by giving back to a few individuals in need:

“Creighton D3 students along with Drs. Jim Kelly, Andrea Hall, and Kirstin McCarville fabricated removable prostheses for patients in an Omaha shelter during NPAW! Students worked in groups of 2-3 to provide care to 5 patients needing removable prostheses from the area shelter.”

To continue your NPAW planning, check out the NPAW Toolkit.


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