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Chandler_B_4951Nancy Deal Chandler will be stepping down as the ACP and ACPEF Executive Director, effective Aug. 1, 2016.

"Deal's tenure with the College will be remembered as one of the most significant periods in the College's history," said Dr. Carl F. Driscoll, ACP President. "She has developed a culture within the Central Office and the College that the ACP is the premier specialty organization and that the goal is to constantly improve in every function.

"As we look back ten years ago, when Deal took over the reins of the Central Office, and reflect on the incredible progress that has been made under her stewardship, it is truly amazing and mind blowing. Deal is quick to point out that it was because of the people that she worked with, but we all know that Deal's passion for the College is unsurpassed and she spearheaded many of the initiatives that the College has produced. Her experience, knowledge, compassion, and organizational skills are unmatched. We will miss her and we wish her the best in the next chapter of her life."

"I will forever owe the Search Committee who selected me a tremendous debt of gratitude," said Deal Chandler. "Serving as Executive Director of the College and Foundation has been the best possible position for me. In reflecting, I counted the number of Board and committee meetings I have planned with my ACP Presidents, Foundation Chairs, Officers, and staff over the years. It's more than 230! It has been such a remarkable experience, and I have very much enjoyed working with our volunteers and staff to help make our College and Foundation what they are today."

Members are welcome to reach Deal Chandler by email.

The Board of Directors adopted an Executive Director Succession Plan last year and membership will be updated as they move forward.

Dated Jan. 25, 2016


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