ACPEF News   October 22, 2019

New White Paper: Definitions of Implant Dental Prostheses


With the support of Zest Dental Solutions, the American College of Prosthodontists has published a new white paper titled Definitions of Implant Dental Prostheses.

This new paper seeks to define the parameters by which the restoration of edentulous patients is described and develop a common nomenclature enabling dental professionals and patients to communicate more effectively.

The paper is the result of a two-day summit of private practitioners and academicians who examined the use of current definitions and sought to build a consensus of descriptions applicable to the current treatment modalities.

The paper also incorporated results of a survey of ACP members gauging whether prosthodontists used the same or similar terms to describe various types of implant prostheses. A follow up survey is scheduled for later this year to assess any changes in the use of current terminology.

Led by Dr. Mark S. Montana and Dr. Paul E. Scruggs, the task force included Dr. Nadim Z. Baba, Dr. Emily R. Batson, Dr. Herman A. Donatelli, Ms. Alethea Gerding, Dr. Steven J. LoCascio, Dr. Keith M. Phillips, Dr. Anthony P. Prudenti, Dr. Robert E. Stover, Dr. Emily J. Taylor, and Dr. Ann Wei.

Dr. Evanthia Anadioti and Dr. Lucie Yin served as editors.

We welcome your feedback on this new publication, and please look for the follow-up survey in the months to come.


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