Journal of Prosthodontics News   August 10, 2021

New Journal of Prosthodontics Virtual Issue on Implant Complications


The editors of the Journal of Prosthodontics are pleased to present a new virtual issue titled, “Implant Complications in Prosthodontics: Research, Clinical Reports and Techniques.”

The topic for this virtual issue is one that is of interest to prosthodontists, periodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and general dentists alike since complications from implant treatment can arise in any of our practices, whether from the surgical aspect of implant placement or from the restorative component of implant treatment.

The 14 manuscripts selected for this issue include clinical reports and original research articles from the last three years. A few of the featured articles include:

  • Double Full-Arch Fixed Implant-Supported Prostheses: Outcomes and Complications after a Mean Follow-Up of 5 Years, by Panos Papaspyridakos, Thaisa Barizan Bordin, Zuhair S. Natto, Yong-Jeong Kim, Khaled El-Rafie, Alexandra Tsigarida, Konstantinos Chochlidakis, and Hans-Peter Weber
  • Peri-Implant Diseases and Biologic Complications at Implant-Supported Fixed Dental Prostheses in Partially Edentulous Patients, by Alexandra Tsigarida, Konstantinos Chochlidakis, David Fraser, Evangelia Lampraki, Erna R. Einarsdottir, Abdul Basir Barmak, Panos Papaspyridakos, and Carlo Ercoli
  • Complications Associated with Rehabilitation of a Unilateral Partially Edentulous Mandible with Inferior Alveolar Nerve Transposition and Implant Placement: A Clinical Report, by C. Brent Haeberle, Amara Abreu, Kurt Metzler, and Marlen Robles-Moreno
  • A Systematic Review of Clinical Outcomes on Patients Rehabilitated with Complete-Arch Fixed Implant-Supported Prostheses According to the Time of Loading, by Yolanda Natali Raico Gallardo, Isabela Rodrigues da Silva-Olivio, Luiz Gonzaga, Newton Sesma, William Martin

The articles in this virtual issue will be open to everyone until Oct. 31, 2021. Full-text Journal of Prosthodontics articles are always free to members of the American College of Prosthodontists.

This virtual issue and others are available on the Journal Homepage.


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