ACP News   October 22, 2014

New ACP Affinity Program: Wagner Impression Trays


Wagner Impression Trays from bigjawbone.com, a new ACP Affinity Program, are now available to ACP members at a discount price. Inspired by history, ABP Diplomate and ACP Fellow Stephen Wagner took the concepts of Hall, Swenson, Boucher, and others and applied them to contemporary 21st Century impression making.  
His new system allows you to make the same traditional, precise edentulous final impressions that your practice is known for, 
but in one appointment rather than two. You save considerable time and considerable money without affecting quality. The trays are available from bigjawbone.com. Just enter the code ACP into the offer code box on the order page to receive your discount and support the essential services of the ACP at the same time.
Affinity Programs are an ACP member benefit, offering exclusive services and prices through selected vendors. 


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