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Longitudinal Study of Dental Implants in HIV Positive Patients


Now online in the Journal of Prosthodontics, a longitudinal study from ACP member Dr. Toni Tien Neumeier, comparing the clinical outcomes of dental implants over a 3-year period involving both HIV positive and negative patients.

Twenty HIV+ patients and 21 HIV- control patients were recruited for the study. Among all patients, 32 implants were placed in the HIV- group and 27 implants were placed in the HIV+ group. Implant position ranged from central incisor to mandibular first molar. Two patients from each group had two-stage surgeries and the rest were single-stage surgeries.

Implants and restorations were assessed at 6-month intervals over a period of 3 years for stability, peri-implant health, and patient satisfaction. The overall patient retention rate was 77%. At the 3-year follow up, restorations examined were fully functional and causing no pain. Overall implant retention within the positive group was 96%. Implant retention within the negative control group was 100%.

Patients were also given satisfaction surveys and in 3 consecutive years, all patients responded “yes” to all indicating they were pleased with the esthetic outcome, improved mastication capability, implants feeling like natural teeth, no discomfort or numbness present, and improved self-esteem.

Within the limitations of this investigation, the authors conclude that implant-supported restorations can be successful on well-controlled HIV+ patients at 3 years.

Neumeier TT, Reddy M, Geurs N. Longitudinal study of dental implants in HIV−positive patients. J Prosthodont 2021; https://doi.org/10.1111/jopr.13421

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