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Lights, Camera, NPAW: Reaching Out to Local Media

2018_NPAW_Katie_KuricThis National Prosthodontics Awareness Week, consider getting the word out by contacting your local media! ACP members have been featured on the news, in magazines, newspapers, and even on the radio during NPAW. Most news outlets accept story pitches and are looking for new, timely ideas.

The NPAW Toolkit has a sample press release that you can edit for your area or you can create your own release and email it to your local media. Here's some advice from Dr. Katie Kuric, who was interviewed for NPAW last year on WHAS 11, an ABC station in Louisville, KY:

"Most news channels are looking for something positive and meaningful for their audience, so go ahead and call the station in your area and tell them about NPAW. Our news channel was very receptive and most likely more will be as well.

"When it comes time for the interview, know your target audience for the news channel and make sure it is in line for your target market. Then, pick your topic to appeal to this group of people. It is also good to know your question topics and the message you want to get across with them before going into the interview, if possible. Going with no pre-formed topics for you and the host to go off of is hard for you and the interviewer."

You can see Dr. Kuric's interview here and check out the NPAW Toolkit for more media tips!

Dated March 21, 2018


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