Oral Oncology Symposium: A Virtual Live Streaming Symposium

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Oral Oncology Symposium: A Virtual Live Streaming Symposium

Start Date:

Thursday, May 12, 2022

End Date:

Saturday, May 14, 2022


All Day Event

To register, please go to: https://mdanderson.cloud-cme.com/oraloncology2022

The goal of this Symposium is to improve recognition, which will lead to early detection and improve outcomes. Improved management of cancer related symptoms can lead to improved treatment compliance, patient comfort and quality of life.
This Symposium is intended for healthcare professionals. These individuals are in a unique situation where they can detect oral and head and neck cancers. Dentists often have limited experience in diagnosing head and neck malignancies or detecting the signs. Also, dental professionals are typically untrained and apprehensive about dental treatment for patients with cancer. Currently, many dental practices are focused on cosmetics and esthetics. This Symposium will redirect their focus and enhance their knowledge on detection, treatment, and management of the cancer patient. The Symposium aims to improve the recognition of the presenting signs of head and neck cancer and encourage timely referrals for biopsy and treatment. It will also teach the dentists to improve the management of oral symptoms related to multiple cancer therapies and be aware of the difficulties that treatment may create.

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