Journal of Prosthodontics News   July 22, 2019

Competency-Based Curriculum Framework for Prevention, Supportive Care, and Maintenance


Online now and in the August issue of the Journal of Prosthodontics, Drs. Fatemeh Afshari, Stephen Campbell, Donald Curtis, Lily Garcia, Kent Knoernschild, and Judy Chia-Chun Yuan present a competency-based curriculum framework for prevention, supportive care, and maintenance for use in educational and patient care programs. They seek consensus on an overarching competency statement that embraces these critical learning and patient-care concepts.

The authors conducted a preliminary survey of current preventive and maintenance practices in U.S. dental and prosthodontic programs then held a one-day consensus workshop with participants from U.S. dental schools to develop a curriculum framework. The competency statements and learning objectives are detailed in the article

This work was funded in part by an unrestricted grant to the ACPEF from the Colgate-Palmolive Company.

Afshari FS, Campbell SD, Curtis DA, et al: Patient‐specific, risk‐based prevention, maintenance, and supportive care: A need for action and innovation in education. J Prosthodont doi:10.1111/jopr.13059



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