ACP News, Advocacy News   May 20, 2013

ACP Takes Action to Correct the Record on Bureau of Labor Statistics Report

The ACP PR Team is aware and working behind the scenes with reporters, editors and reaching out to the Department of Labor to help correct the record that the DOL’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report stating that the U.S. has 310 prosthodontists is inaccurate. In fact, 3,372 prosthodontists work in the United States today, according the American Dental Association data. Rest assured the ACP PR Team is on top of this issue. The ACP PR Team has been addressing this statistic since it first appeared in Time magazine. 

The ACP PR Team has contacted the Department of Labor, who has reported this erroneous statistic on numerous occasions, and we are working towards a correction. A letter has been sent to the DOL BLS by Dr. Lee Jameson. Of course, this is a government reporting agency and it will take time to change this erroneous number. In addition, a letter to the editor of Time magazine was drafted and sent by Dr. Lee Jameson speaking towards the inaccuracy supported by the DOL’s BLS. In addition to Time magazine, letters to the editor have been sent to Forbes magazine, the Atlantic Monthly, and pitches to CNN and Money magazine to set the record straight.    

Although the “fact” or “trivia” statistic is inaccurate, the ACP is looking at it as a media mention of prosthodontists in top-tier publications that opened the door for the ACP PR Team to send a letter to the editor as well as pitch a follow up story to correct the record. Thus, it’s an opportunity to continue to educate reporters about the specialty and share that pros aren’t so rare.


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